To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

It's the age old question for the savvy fleet operator; should we continue to own our assets or should we lease? The answer will involve many stakeholders in any organisation but, by helping to quantify the savings and presenting the data in a number of ways, GE hope to help you understand one of the toughest fleet policy decisions.

How it works

The Buy vs Lease Calculator
Entering your fleet data into the calculator below will;
  • Model the most effective acquisition method for your fleet
  • Present the savings over a variety of time frames
  • Allow you to download and print the full report for distribution to stakeholders
Your Buy vs Lease Report
  1. Summarises your fleet inputs
  2. Details potential savings
  3. Helps evaluate and understand what increase in your sales turnover would deliver the equivalent net profit impact as these fleet savings
  4. Estimates the potential cash injection resulting from releasing the capital in your existing fleet
Your fleet input
Car Commercial
Small Medium Exec Small Large
Examples Ford Focus
Vauxhall Astra
Ford Mondeo
Vauxhall Insignia
BMW 3 Series
BMW 5 Series
Mercedes E Class
Car Derived Van Transit / Luton
Fleet size
Replacement cycle (months)
Average annual mileage
Average vehicle age (months)
Customer VAT recovery rate: %

Estimated savings through switching to leasing for a fleet size of 115

Annual lease saving
3 year lease saving
5 year lease saving

We estimate that a switch to either finance lease or contract hire will achieve the savings shown. This potential reduction in your operating costs factors in;
  • GE scale benefits of vehicle acquisition and in-life service costs
  • VAT benefits inherent in a leasing structure
  • Excludes any assumption that GE's cost of funds are more effective